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Plastic Flow, LLC was established in 2002 as an outgrowth of Professor Mahesh Gupta's polymer processing research since 1987. Since its inception, Plastic Flow has marketed PELDOM and polyXtrue software packages and provided extrusion die design services to the plastic industry. The dedication and innovative skills of Professor Gupta and his graduate students has resulted in many of the world's first polymer processing simulations.


: Plastic Flow partners with SOLIDWORKS for polymer extrusion optimization.
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: Coextrusion simulation using the level set method for special cases.

: Simulation of post-die extrudate distortion for coextrusion of complex
2008: Non-isothermal simulation of flow in twin-screw extruder using mesh
         partitioning technique.
2007: Coextrusion simulation using mesh partitioning technique.
2006: Simulation of polymer melting in single-screw extruders.
2005: Fully coupled simulation of flow and core deflection in ceramic injection
2004: Automatic optimization of flat extrusion dies for balanced flow at die exit.
2003: Fully animated simulation of the flow in a twin-screw extruder including the
         effect of elongational viscosity.
2003: Analysis of the effect of elongational viscosity on temperature, pressure and
         velocity distributions in a flat die.
2000: Introduced Sarkar-Gupta elongational viscosity model.
1999: Analysis of the effect of elongational viscosity on vortex formation and pressure
         distribution in axisymmetric, planar and three-dimensional entrance flows.
1997: Computer simulation of sink-mark formation in injection-molded plastic parts.
1992: Three-dimensional simulation of the fiber orientation and corresponding
         mechanical properties of short-fiber-reinforced injection-molded plastic parts.
1990: Three-dimensional simulation of polymeric flow in extrusion dies using
         multivariant finite elements.

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