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If you design only a few dies per year, no need to purchase the full version of polyXtrue. You can analyze and design your dies for a small fee using the pay-per-execution (PPX) version of polyXtrue.

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PolyXtrue PPX

You can download the PPX version of polyXtrue FREE of charge using the following link.

(polyXtrue PPX Download)

Then, you only pay a small fee for each simulation of the flow in your die.

Here is how polyXtrue PPX works:
  • Quickly import your die geometry, specify material, and define processing conditions. (No finite element meshing required)
  • Create a Job Submission file and submit it online using the link given below.
  • Our experts at Plastic Flow will generate a finite element mesh, execute the analysis, and send the results back to you.
  • You will then plot all the results in the PPX version, just like in the full version of polyXtrue.
Elongational Viscosity Estimation

  • Axisymmetric elongational viscosity using entrance loss in capillary rheometer.
  • Planar elongational viscosity using entrance loss in slit rheometer.
  • Accurately characterize your material.
  • No need to buy expensive extension rheometer.

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