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Plastic Flow's polyXtrue software has been successfully used to simulate multilayer flow of different polymers in complex coextrusion dies. The software quickly assists design engineers to determine the final shape of the extrudate beyond the die exit, and the layer structure in the final product. The software now makes it possible to eliminate much of the costly tool-and-die shop trial-and-error currently required for design of coextrusion dies, significantly reducing the development time for feed-block coextrusion systems. In feed-block coextrusion systems, polymer layers get redistributed as they flow through the feed-block. Because of this redistribution of polymer layers, design of the feed-block system geometry is difficult.

The polyXtrue software is based upon a full three-dimensional simulation of the flow in coextrusion dies. Such a simulation of the flow in complex coextrusion systems is made possible by the newly developed Mesh Partitioning Technique, which is being employed in the polyXtrue software. This innovative technique allows coextrusion simulation without changing the finite element mesh as the shape of different polymer layers change during the simulation. Another reason for the high accuracy of the coextrusion die module of the polyXtrue software is the variational principle being used to globally enforce the no-cross-flow condition on the interface surface between adjacent polymer layers.

Two different options are available for optimization of coextrusion dies using polyXtrue.

1.  Purchase a license of coextrusion die module of polyXtrue, and optimize your die design yourself. Plastic Flow will train you in the complete process of starting from die concept to achieving the final optimized die geometry.

2.  Download polyXtrue PPX software FREE of charge using the link given below, and then only pay a small fee for each simulation of the flow in your die.

Here is how the PPX version of polyXtrue works:
  • Quickly import your die geometry, specify material, and define processing conditions. (No finite element meshing required)
  • Create a Job Submission file and submit it online using the link given below.
  • Our experts at Plastic Flow will generate a finite element mesh, execute the analysis, and send the results back to you.
  • You will then plot all the results in the PPX version, just like in the full version of polyXtrue.

Technical Papers using this module of polyXtrue.

The polyXtrue software has been successfully used to design new coextrusion dies as well as to optimize existing dies. Some of the coextrusion dies analyzed by using polyXtrue are shown below.

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