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With the polyXtrue polymer extrusion simulation software...

You can specify material properties:

    shear viscosity
    elongational viscosity
    thermal conductivity
    heat capacity
    wall slip*

You can specify Processing Conditions:
    flow rate

Now you will optimize:
    processing conditions
    material selection

* = Monoextrusion Die Module only
** = Coextrusion Die Module only

Software Modules

To understand the capabilities of Plastic Flow products, please review the information on this page. For further details, please click on the links listed below.

polyXtrue Monoextrusion module

polyXtrue Coextrusion module

PELDOM elongational viscosity estimation software

eXtruemat software

monoextrusion coextrusion examples

Quickly and accurately determine:
    shear rate
    elongation rate
    shear stress
    elongation stress
    streamlines (for each polymer)
    residence time (for each polymer)
    post-die extrudate shape
    layer structure in final extrudate**

                       Elongational Viscosity Estimation Software
You will determine:
      Axisymmetric elongational viscosity using entrance loss in capillary rheometer
      Planar elongational viscosity using entrance loss in slit rheometer
You will capture:
      Elongation thickening followed by elongation thinning behavior of the viscosity

             Software for Estimation of Shear Viscosity Parameters
                You will accurately fit:
                      Shear viscosity model to experimental viscosity data

                Viscosity models allowed:
                      Carreau or Cross model for shear thinning behavior
                      Arrhenius or WLF model for temperature dependence

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