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Please take a look at some of the comments that valued customers had to offer. We assure you that after hearing what our customers have to say, you too will want to use polyXtrue to eliminate trial and error approach from your extrusion die design process.

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“The polyXtrue software completely exceeded the expectations we had from a die design software package. I was pleasantly surprised to find out how easy it was to use the software. I have been working with extrusion die design, and other CAD software packages for the last thirty years. I was highly impressed with the polyXtrue because of its highly user-friendly graphical user interface, its fast computation speed, and also the accuracy of its 3-D flow calculations. I am looking forward to exploiting polyXtrue for all our extrusion die design needs.”

-A customer who has recently purchased polyXtrue for extrusion die design.

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