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Please take a look at some of the comments that valued customers had to offer. We assure you that after hearing what our customers have to say, you too will want to use polyXtrue to eliminate trial and error approach from your extrusion die design process.

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"I have had experience using both the coextrusion module of the polyXtrue software and another commercially available coextrusion software package to simulate the flow through polymer dies. The user-interface in the polyXtrue software is much easier to use and presents a logical progression of steps starting from the first step of importing die geometry to the final step of running the simulation and viewing the results. The other coextrusion software was very difficult to use and I had several problems importing solid model geometry that was drawn in other CAD programs such as Solid Works. I spent several days trying to work through this issue with the other company's technical service department, which resulted in no resolution of the problem. Instead I was forced to draw the three-dimensional flow paths using a node-by-node drawing approach which resulted in several days of extra work. I did not encounter any of these issues using polyXtrue and my solid models, which were also drawn in Solid Works, were easily imported into the polyXtrue software after converting them to the parasolid file format. Using the tutorials provided with the polyXtrue software, I was able to learn how to use the software and run my own simulations within one day versus over a week of frustrating failed attempts using the other coextrusion software."

-A customer who used coextrusion software from one of our competitors in the past and is now using polyXtrue for coextrusion die design.

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